SELT Aerospace & Defence is a recognized solution provider of complex and custom test systems for aerospace industry, complex and integrated custom electronic systems for aerospace and defence electronic and support services.
  • SELT Aerospace & Defence will partecipate at Aviation Electronics Europe 19-20 June in Munich, Germany and will introduce innovative embedded solutions for military and aviation critical application, presenting our new line of high performance VPX based FPGA and GPU boards.
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  • SELT Aerospace & Defence will attend The International Forum for the Military Simulation, Training and Education Community (ITEC) 2018 15-17 May in Stuttgart, Germany and will present the newly introduced battlespace simulation products, innovative control loading systems and training system capabilities.
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SELT Aerospace & Defence is a full system provider of airborne, naval, and rugged in general system.
We can provide complete ready-to-use / ready-to-qualify Special COTS, COTS, and fully customized systems for a variety of platforms and applications.

SELT Aerospace & Defence is a module and system level supplier of flight simulators and battlespace laboratories.


SELT Aerospace & Defence is a registered supplier to national offices and international consortiums; also company is an approved manufacturer from Italian MoD (Ministry of Defence) of armament and weaponry components and subsystems.